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Rhyme and Shine

Yoga Sun Salutation for Kids

These past couple of days I’ve been putting a lot of effort into crafting a press release about the book, and compiling a well-targeted list of media outlets to share it with. Phew! Well, here it is for your reading pleasure 🙂


January 2014


*Children’s yoga book brings new life to Sun Salutation*

Important yoga sequence is made fun and accessible to kids


Beau Fait Media announces publication of _Rhyme and Shine: Yoga Sun Salutation for Kids_. Building on an international movement to introduce yoga to kids, this book walks the reader through the classic sequence of poses known as “Sun Salutation” in fun verse with helpful illustrations and beautiful paintings. _Rhyme and Shine_ provides accurate, easy-to-understand instruction on an important yoga standard that has previously been neglected in kid’s yoga books.



*What people are saying*


“It is both impressive and refreshing to read a delightful rhyming tale that includes proper alignment cues AND breathing cues as well.” (book review on


“It’s a book that you can build a whole class around—and one that you can refer to over and over again—and that kids will never tire of.” (product review on


“The illustrations are delightful! Vibrant! And at the same time provide a great example of each pose throughout the sequence.” (product review on



*About the author*


Karen Thygerson is a mother, fitness instructor, and yoga enthusiast. After teaching dance and aerobics all her life, she began teaching yoga to her daughter’s kindergarten class, and continues to enjoy a weekly practice with her daughter’s now-3rd-grade class. She lives in San Diego with her husband and their two children.



*About the book*


_Rhyme and Shine: Yoga Sun Salutation for Kids_

Publication date: September 2013

ISBN: 978-0615858067

8.5” x 8.5” trade paperback, 34 pages, illustrated

Target audience: 3- to 10-year-olds and their grown-ups

MSRP $9.99, available at

Visit for more info and a look inside the book



*Contact info*





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