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Rhyme and Shine

Yoga Sun Salutation for Kids

Today I was fortunate to sub a Family Yoga class at the La Jolla Family YMCA ( I have to admit I was a little nervous to have real-life grown-ups in the room! Isn’t it funny… most yoga instructors would probably be nervous about the kids. Ha! Well, every single person in there was GREAT! There were about 20 people total (the kids slightly outnumbered the grown-ups). We did a little warm-up, then went through the Rhyme and Shine Sun Salutation a couple of times, and then did some Halloween-themed yoga poses which the kids got to pick out of my trick-or-treat bag. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and I was so pleased to see that the sequence worked well for kids ages 4-10… heck, make that 4-44!

I think the coolest thing about teaching this class was finding out that many of the grown-ups were themselves newbies to yoga. How totally wonderful that a family yoga class—i.e. a chance to do yoga with their kids—is what brought them into yoga! That felt like pure blessing to me.

Thank you everyone for a great class! I truly enjoyed it and hope I get to come back again some time!