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Yoga Sun Salutation for Kids

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(Originally published on, December 2013) One of my favorite ways to engage kids of all ages in a yoga practice is to take an imaginary field trip. They especially love to “visit” places that are familiar to them, or in their neighborhood. Since so many yoga poses are based in nature and the world […]

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Namaste: The light in me sees the light in you. This is what I usually tell my students “namaste” means; that it’s a way of acknowledging each other, and thanking each other for showing up and participating; that each of us has a light inside, each of us has something beautiful to offer. I can […]

Welcome Spring! Here’s an excerpt from the new book I’m working on called “It’s Yoga Season!” “In spring the seeds grow, the air moves around us, the sun climbs higher into the sky, and we ourselves begin to move. As we move our bodies through yoga poses, our internal energy (and blood) circulates. One of […]

This week, my son’s first grade class took a field trip to the local sea life theme park (We live in San Diego… I’m sure you can guess which one I mean). I have recently returned to teaching yoga in my kids’ school, and so of course this outing inspired me to create a corresponding yoga sequence. […]

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I am now living in a remote and beautiful corner of Washington state. I am pleased to report that book sales on amazon are clipping along at a steady pace, and I am exploring options for sharing yoga with the members of my new community. I have started a yoga co-op (i.e. we take turns […]

I’m so excited that the May/June issue of Natural Child Magazine is coming out! An article of mine is in there! It’s about engaging kids in yoga through story-telling. So proud! It’s even mentioned on the cover! ( They offer digital subscriptions, so you have to subscribe to read it. But if you wait awhile, they sometimes post […]

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At our mountain cabin, I recently built a labyrinth with my dearest friend, Angela. It was at Holden Village ( that I first discovered the power of the labyrinth. It may look like a maze, but in reality it is a single path. In other words, you can’t go wrong. Unlike life there are no […]

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Well, there is a lot of exciting news here at RASY! 1. Watch for my article on engaging kids in yoga through storytelling in the May/June issue of Natural Child Magazine! I think there may also be a review of the book in the same issue. and 2. Copies of the book will be for sale at “BabyFest […]

I am so encouraged each time I check on the sales of the book. I’ve not made any profit on this adventure yet, but just to see one person… and then another… and then another find my book and buy it. People I don’t know. People I haven’t met or “marketed” my book to. Just […]

I am happy to report that my Press Releases have resulted in several requests for review copies and even an invitation to write an article! Very exciting! Thank you!