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Rhyme and Shine

Yoga Sun Salutation for Kids

Well, today I started teaching yoga to my daughter’s 3rd grade class! This will be the 4th year that I’ve taught yoga to her class, and I’m starting to get a reputation (I’m happy to say)! It went so well! It is exciting to see how their abilities and attention spans grow with them. Great work today, kiddos!

Also, I am anxiously awaiting my box of 50 copies of my book. These will mostly be thank-you’s and promos for all the people who helped me make the book a reality, and my various yoga and fitness friends and colleagues. I am excited to get the book out there, in the hands of those who can use it and spread the word.

Finally, this weekend I’ll be attending a fitness conference where I’ve signed up for such classes as “Family Yoga” and “Creative Fitness for Kids in Limited Spaces.” Talk about a perfect fit! I am very excited to see what sorts of ideas and inspiration I can get from this weekend’s event.